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How it works provides new and experienced Real Estate Investors with tools, education, and services that help them become more efficient in their business. 

Let's be honest, there are some things you just don't enjoy doing...

    • Putting together direct mail lists
    • Looking up property information
    • Estimating rehab costs
    • Analyzing deals
    • and Finding buyers


This is why you're going to love using REILdeals.

Imagine driving for dollars with a GPS App on your smart phone or tablet which allows you to record addresses by simply clicking on houses you drive past.

By the time you arrive home, the App has synced with your online profile and you have each Owner's Name and Tax Mailing Address in a Direct Mail list ready to be sent out.

After sending your letters you end up with a few potential deals... "This is a deal right?"

Keeping your mobile device handy, you visit each property and are guided through taking pictures, video, and recording details which will help you get top dollar for your deal.

Once uploaded, you request a digital rehab estimate and deal analysis which make you feel confident in making an offer.

You get the deal under contract, take a snapshot of the paperwork, and submit the deal to be listed.

48hrs later a bidding battle occurs in the final seconds of the auction and you're left with significantly more cash than you thought you would get!


The Title company reveals a clean report, they coordinate the closing date with the buyer and seller, and you have a NEW available balance to smile about.

This is one example of many that shows how REILdeals will make you're wholesaling business easier to manage.

Tell us what to tweak or create to help you in your business and we'll do what we can to develop it! 

How cool is it that you have a team of 'Techies' waiting to hear how they can make your life easier?

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